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How it Works


SilcSkin Pads are 100% medical grade silicone pads that were designed to be worn at night to prevent and correct wrinkles. They contain no adhesives but are inherently “sticky” because of the way the silicone is cured. They are made of the same type of silicone that has been safely used for years by doctors to aid in the healing of scars and burns.

They work on three different levels:

The first being, is that when the pads are placed on the skin, they hold
The skin taut so that the skin is not creating the wrinkles especially when sleeping on your side.

The second way the pads work is by drawing the skins own moisture to the skins surface plumping out the existing wrinkles.

And with prolonged use the electro static energy provided by the pads can improve the collagen structure and draws the body’s own collagen to the area and increases the blood flow which helps to improve the skin tone. 

We have three different products; our best seller, of course, is the SilcSkin Decollette Pad. We also have a Brow pad, which is designed to target the entire brow area including the 11’s and the crow’s feet area. And we have our multi-set, which can be used all over the face, the brow area, the marionette lines, above the lips, the lines by the side of the nose, especially the ones caused from sleeping.

Our Decollette Pads work wonders overnight because you are not recreating the positions, which cause the wrinkles in the first place.

With the facial pads, it takes about two weeks for the pads almost retrain the muscle, quite like the old Frownies. But Silcskin is different from frownies in that Frownies are a paper product, not as comfortable as our soft silicone and they only work on the first level by holding the skin taut, they do not draw moisture to the skin or help improve the collagen.


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