What is the Beautti Mitt?


The Beautii Mitt deep cleans and exfoliates to provide the most radiant skin, while promoting the long-term benefits of keeping your skin looking fresh, hydrated and youthful.Instantly Uncovers Smoother, Younger and More Radiant Looking Skin. It’s a spa like treatment at home. -This incredible quality, long lasting Mitt will offer countless microdermabrasion for your face and body.
-The Beautii Mitt will roll away dead skin cell. Your pores will become unplugged and blackheads will be reduced. Eliminate ingrown hairs or razor bump. Rough, bumpy skin is replaced with incredibly smooth, flawless skin.

-Take your Beautii Mitt with you wherever you go. No batteries required just natural Turkish fibers working as they have for beautiful people for centuries.

-The Beautii Mitt is not a soft scrubbing cloth that gently glides over your skin. Instead, the Mitt is made of the highest quality Turkish fibers that work like the finest, gentlest sandpaper; these fibers will not damage your skin. In addition to exfoliation the Mitt massages your skin helping to eliminate scars and cellulite. No more dull, lifeless complexion, hello smooth, luminous skin.

Eliminate expensive cleansers and creams; the Beautii Mitt works with just clean, warm water. Unplugging and opening your pores allows your skin’s natural moisturizers to hydrate your skin beautifully.


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* Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual.